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Welcome to PRO agency!
production and promotion creative-talent agency”

What makes us different from other productions / promotions agencies is the widest selection of high quality professional artist. We are interested in meeting new artist partners and starting new breakthrough projects. We are happy to discover and present young talented artists for upcoming projects.

PRO agency is an exclusive artist management agency that represents professional Talent in the industry in the following areas: International and Local:
Photo - Video productions, Commercials, TV shootings, Feature Films, Television Series, Short Films, Festivals, Fashion Shows, Gala Shows, Design, Print, Corporates, Influencers, Promotional work, etc.

Our primary task is to find the most suitable creative person and seamlessly integrate their talents into your project or team, while managing timeframe and budget concerns hands-on.
Together we work with each of our artists to create a specific routine / work, that is formulated around their best attributes to give a completely unique product.

PRO agency will do everything possible to ensure a quality service with its efficient and professional team. We hope to meet your demands in full and organise an unforgettable project for you.

Our agency is committed to working with only the best companies, internationally.

Our team is always happy to help you out!


hair - make up - photo - video - design - web - production - promotion - print - intermediation - store
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